Stupid Peoples

Some peoples should realize the truth from the OG’s when being lectured by them, rather than posting rants and raves on facebook statuses and putting it out on the internet. If you have a family event at least show up early and help out rather than going out and having fun with some of the other younger guys from last night and coming there the last minute when everything is done and just go there to have fun and finish up drink up all the bear and food.

Realize that you are still lower ranking in the family and you are not hierarchy like the OG’s because they know more and been through more shit than you have.

I swear though people could act like peasants but don’t know how to act like civilized human beings and be mature and help out with there family on occasions. Oh wells at least my family is more of the outstanding ones of the family.  We listen to our parents most of the time, we never caused trouble with the law(especially as teenagers), we come there to help when we can, and we dont go partying out when there is a family event at the same time.

Me reacting to #ChweHansol part from #seventeen.

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Just again we were cute tonite on skype