I really don’t know what to do, like my parents wen to travel tha far east to South Korea and Japan, and I’m stuck here being lonely. Trying to think of plans. I have already got highered on at my old mailing job but don’t know when they start me. So yea. I need something to do. Sigh….. -_-

The only reason y I renamed my Facebook name to Newtada Hikaru is because I am inspired by tha one n only Utada Hikaru

I jus made a 25 facts about me for my youtube channel. But it’s in tha process of editing for tomorrow. An also I want to mention 4 gbs of memory sux n I plan to get a 32gb b/c it holds more longer video files

Okay so I am talking to this guy and at first I had some interest in him before but then after a while just webcamming with him, he seems so boring and all he do is just watch tv/movies and that is so boring, like omg, like we cammed with each other to talk, not so that i can see u watch movies and not talk at all. so boring, then its stupid how he wants me to talk more, nd i tried but the thing is, is that i could tell he’s socially awkard so i dont even kno. but so far i like this other boy who underage but that’ll be in another blog.