I think if I ever dated a black person, they have to look light skinned or mixed with colored eyes(not to b bias or races.)
I think tha annoying thing about my dad is why i cant find a girl and truth is, i dont want to and I havent came out of tha closet yet. its hard to but yet I dont want to for quiet a while.
I dont get why do only non Asian people only add Asian peoples based on if you are Korean or Japanese looking
I feel like to get friends or be popular on the internet, you have to be good looking or good style of clothing or great personality.
Unhealthy Lifestyle

I think I am starting to feel a bit unhealthy but MORE LIKE UNHEALTHY, because I think I am starting to feel a bit like my heart rates increasing, and sometimes my blood vains are pumping out or some shit. Like, I definitely need to start eating more healthier now that I think about it. Like STOP buying these frozen foods such as PizzaRolls or like Eggo Waffles. I mean they r good once in a while but I think I need a diet where I can eat more simpler but also healthier. I recently started to notice when I work is that I start to dehydrate because all I drink is soda(mainly Sierra Mist as it is my favorite drink) but I do drink water but when I pour it out out of the 6 gallon water jug, it tastes so nasty because my dad just bought it new and it came straight of the manufacture/store and I prefer it if it were to be out of that water filter thingo at the grocery store. But anyways I plan to sort out my diet but starting to maybe buy V8 veggie/fruit smoothy drinks and change up my diet.